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The business of parking cars is changing dramatically.  The days of looking for a parking lot, driving in to discover the cost, receiving a magnetic stripe ticket and then paying a cashier are going away.  Today people find and pay for parking online.  The old technology using magnetic stripe tickets called for highly mechanized issuing equipment that was prone to break down often, and expensive tickets.  Modern parking equipment uses barcode technology which is much less expensive and far less likely to need frequent maintenance.

Consequently, parking garage owners and operators are looking for ways to add value to their newer parking equipment investment.  One method of making more money per parking client is to offer businesses near the garage the ability to offer their customers a break on the cost of parking.  To do so, the merchant attaches small labels with unique barcodes to the garage parking ticket.  The patron scans the barcode when exiting the garage to receive a discount on his or her parking fee.

Our client prints thousands of these "validation" labels each week and delivers them overnight.  They depend on Digitrac for the hardware, software, training and support along with high quality, reasonably priced supplies to keep up with their customer's demands.

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