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The global GS1 Traceability Standard has been developed to meet important business needs, especially regulatory compliance.  It addresses a company's entire supply chain and can be applied to any product. The GS1 Traceability Standard is based on current business practices used by a large majority of supply chain partners and allows companies to leverage existing investments and more easily implement the Standard as part of a broader product quality system. The GS1 Traceability Standard is one of many systems that help companies continue and add to their ability to meet consumer expectations for safe, high-quality products.

Digitrac Systems, while capable of assisting in most areas of GS1 compliance, specializes in the processes of identification  and tracking.  The GS1 system is founded on rules-based standards that, when followed, ensure globally unique and discrete identification of such things  as products, handling units, assets, and locations.  Any product that needs to be traced or tracked must be uniquely identified. The GS1 globally unique identifiers are the keys that enable access to all available data about the product’s history, application, or location. Unique product identifications are ensured through the allocation of a GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) to each product. For traceability purposes, the GTIN has to be combined with a serial number or batch number to identify the particular item.


The system includes standard ways to transfer GS1 System identification numbers and relevant data related to these numbers. GS1 System identification numbers must be relevant and applicable to any supply chain, independent of who assigns, receives, and processes the standards. This will enable only one way to perform any given function.


Digitrac is uniquely qualified to help our clients properly identify and track their products from one end of their supply chain to the other using state of the art printing equipment, including print and apply systems, bar code and RFID scanning devices as well as tracking software. 

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