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The impacts of a product recall are all far reaching and all of them are dire and, unfortunately, not readily apparent.  The five most important effects of a recall are;

  • The direct cost of the recall

  • Regulatory sanctions that may be imposed

  • Negative consumer reactions

  • Lost revenues 

  • Reputational damage

Employing individual, unique case traceability can't prevent a product recall, but it can make reacting to it while mitigating the damage done to your and your client's reputation much faster and less expensive.  In too many cases, a product recall needs to cast a very wide net.  Even though only a fraction of the product being recalled is in need of being xxxx, you need to err on the side of safety so a very large part or even the entire product must be removed from your restaurants.

Now imagine how much easier it would be if after discovering the date of the XXXXXXXXXXX and the line or orchard it was produced from was known >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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